Defective Medical Device Lawsuits

Texas Medical Product Liability Attorneys

There is no question that innovative medical devices have proven to be major advances in healthcare over the past several years. Medical implants ranging from heart valve regulators to hip joints are becoming primary treatment options. When medical devices are implanted correctly, the result can be years of increased health for the patient. When a surgical error or a defective medical device leads to further treatment or health complications, however, the impact on the patient can be devastating.

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If you or a family member has suffered a treatment complication, injury, or illness because of a defective medical device or failed implant, we can help. Crain ♦ Lewis, LLP, has extensive experience in the areas of product liability and medical malpractice litigation. Our firm has the professional and technical resources to thoroughly investigate the cause of the complications and develop a clear and strong case to help you fight for compensation you deserve.

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At Crain ♦ Lewis, LLP, we represent people, not case files. We never forget what a defective medical device injury means to your family. Lost earnings. Increased medical bills. Pain and loss of hope. Talk to us and let us evaluate your legal case. If you don't have a legitimate cause of action against the liable parties, we will tell you so honestly. Judges and insurance defense lawyers know that we don't take a case unless we are serious about winning money damages for our client.

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When you talk with us about your medical device defect injury claim, we will explain how the law affects your case and how our contingency fees work. We handle all costs of hiring independent investigators and specialists to develop your case to win at trial. You won't be charged any attorney's fees unless you accept a settlement or win a jury award. We fight aggressively every step of the way and you will always know how your case is progressing through the system. You will be educated about the technical details of your case and you will always be in control of the final decisions.

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