Covidien Duet TRS Medical Device Recall

Large medical device manufacturer Covidien has voluntarily recalled its Duet TRS medical device - a device used in chest surgery (a.k.a. thoracic surgery) with the laparoscopic stapler - with the potential to damage surrounding areas, like the lungs and heart.

Have you been injured in chest surgery? Has a loved one been seriously injured (or even killed) in chest surgery?

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So far, 13 patients have suffered injury and three have died as a result of the defective medical device. Covidien's recall is an attempt to limit further injury to other patients who are currently scheduled for chest surgery.

But if you've already been injured (or a loved one killed) from the Duet TRS device, Covidien's device recall is small consolation for what has happened to you.

Your Rights as a Patient & Consumer

Just as doctors have a duty to perform to a certain standard, so do companies that make medical devices.

Medical devices are meant to make things better, not worse. In most cases, medical devices do just that: they make things better.

But the impact on patients who are implanted with defective medical devices - like the Duet TRS - can be devastating for both your health (you may find your health irrevocably changed) to your finances (an injury can result in thousands of dollars in medical bills).

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You may decide to file a lawsuit for the pain and suffering and other losses caused by this defective medical device. We will listen to your story and explain your legal rights and options - and if you decide to hire us, we'll do all we can to seek justice.